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"I am running to finish my term on the Escondido Union High School Board of Trustees because as a father of three, a business leader, and an educator, I strongly believe in promoting educational opportunity.

I would be honored to have your support."


-David Vincent, MPH, PhD


- About -

I am a businessman, scientist, educator, husband, and father of three. I earned my bachelor’s degree in industrial microbiology and went on to earn a master’s degree and Ph.D. in Public Health. 

I have spent my career in the San Diego biotechnology industry, helping lead the development of lifesaving medical innovations. I currently am a co-owner and CEO of VTI Life Sciences. Our company provides Commissioning, Qualification, and Validation services to the pharmaceutical industry—which is a wonky way of saying our team helps ensure systems, facilities, and equipment meet regulatory requirements and provide new pharmaceutical developers with the end results they desire. I also have served as a consultant and board member for many startup biotech firms in San Diego and across California. 


I have always been passionate about mentoring the next generation of leaders—which led me to become a Professor at San Diego State University. Teaching in the Master’s in Regulatory Affairs program, I have helped prepare a decade’s worth of grad students who went on to careers in biotech. In addition to my work at SDSU, I have been an instructor working with the World Health Organization to teach biological and biotechnology industry standards and best practices in developing countries. 


When the Trustee Area 5 vacancy was announced in June 2023, I decided I would try and bring my experience in business and education to serve the students at the Escondido Union High School District. In July 2023, I was honored to be unanimously appointed to serve on the board.

My wife Franora works as a teacher’s aide at Escondido Union School District, supporting special needs students. Together, we have raised our family in Northern Escondido. Our two oldest daughters graduated from UC Davis and John Paul the Great Catholic University while our youngest daughter is currently attending Palomar College.


- Priorities -

Fiscal Responsibility

While the district currently has a budget surplus, budget forecasts at the state level, as well as a potential recession, point to potentially difficult fiscal times ahead. Thankfully, this board has been governed in a fiscally conservative way, by aggressively building healthy reserves and keeping spending to manageable levels. I believe the district is in a stable financial position and would consider it my top priority and responsibility as a board member to keep it that way.

School Choice

I believe very strongly in giving parents and students more options in their education, including what school they choose to send their child. I support our local charter schools and believe they offer different learning environments suited for specific types of students. I also am a strong supporter of the district’s decision many years ago to establish Del Lago Academy as another option for families. School choice is a value that must consistently be upheld by the school board.

Student Mental Health

With a PhD and career spent in public health, I understand how important it is that the district invests in supportive services to make sure we are addressing the student mental health crisis. Students can't learn without a healthy, supportive learning environment.

STEM Programs

We are seeing significant underperformance from our students in math and science. This is not just the case for EUHSD, but a concerning trend across California. While the demand for workers in STEM fields has only increased, our schools have failed to keep up with that demand and prepare students for the 21st-century workforce. I would use my career-spanning experience in the hard sciences to help our STEM educators evaluate their programming and coursework, create new opportunities for students to explore STEM curriculum in a hands-on and interactive way, and bring a student-outcome, data-driven approach to improving our STEM education at EUHSD.

Career-Technical Education

While higher education made sense for me and my career goals, I do not think that every student in our district will go on to pursue a post-secondary degree. The reality is that many students are not on a college-bound track—and that is not only okay but a good thing! There are many skilled trades and in-demand jobs that can sustain healthy and productive livelihoods, oftentimes more so than careers that require a four-year degree. As a local employer, I have seen first-hand the gap that exists between the skills needed in the workforce and what skills students are graduating with. I will work to bridge the gap between business and local schools so that we can better offer courses and programs designed to connect students with high-paying jobs. When students graduate from EUHSD, they should be ready to either enter the workforce or go on to a four-year university. We have some impressive Career-Technical Education programs in the district that I am committed to supporting, expanding, and always offering as a coequal option as core academic coursework.

Parental Involvement

Parents know their child the best. As a district, we should always respect parental involvement and encourage it as productive, helpful, and critical to academic success. Parents that send their kids to one of our district-run public schools have an absolute right to know what is being taught in the classroom, how their child is being taught, and by whom. When they have concerns or ideas for improvement, teachers, administrators, and the board have an obligation to listen and act in a responsive way. The data is clear that parental involvement leads to positive academic outcomes.


- Endorsements -

Dane White
City of Escondido

Christian Garcia

Deputy Mayor
City of Escondido

Joe Garcia
City of Escondido

Mike Morasco
City of Escondido

Mark Olson
Governing Board President
Escondido Union School District

Zesty Harper
Governing Board Member
Escondido Union School District

Bill Durney
Governing Board Vice President
Escondido Union High School District

Christi Knight
Governing Board Member
Escondido Union High School District

Ryan Williams
Governing Board Member
Escondido Union High School District

Bob Weller
Governing Board Member
Escondido Union High School District

Joan Gardner
Governing Board Member
Escondido Union School District

Diane & Denny Snyder

Founders/Former Executive Director
American Heritage Charter Schools

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- 2024 Special Election -

Jon Peterson represented EUHSD Trustee Area 5 for almost two decades before being appointed Superintendent of the district in June 2023. His appointment created a vacancy on the board, and in July, David Vincent was unanimously appointed to serve the remainder of Peterson's term. David was selected from a pool of several applicants and shortly after the appointment, those disgruntled applicants decided to collect signatures to force a special election for the seat. The signature collection process will cost EUHSD hundreds of thousands of dollars while simply shifting the election to March instead of November, when voter turnout will be far lower.


While this chain of events was unfortunate, voters in the neighborhoods of North Escondido, the County Club area, Jesmond Dene, and Hidden Meadows now have the opportunity to vote in a special election for EUHSD Trustee Area 5 on their March 5th presidential primary election ballot.

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